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Pre-Owned Barton H-250 Convertible Chair

Sale Price – $2,600

  • Ideal for transferring patients for early mobilization
  • Unlimited positioning capabilities
  • Ideal for multiple care settings from post-acute to home
  • Covered by Medicare

The Barton H-250 Convertible Chair is a unique device that easily converts from a stretcher to an upright mobile chair in seconds. It is the first step to early patient mobilization, providing a no-lift solution for moving, repositioning and transferring patients safely and effectively.

The Barton H-250 features Tilt-in-Space capability that allows for unlimited repositioning. Patient transfer and repositioning are key to early mobilization and increased blood circulation to prevent complications associated with compromised mobility. The Barton H-250 chair can be equipped with a Patient Transfer System (PTS) to offer transfers between a bed and a chair with ease by a single caregiver without risk of injury to the patient or caregiver. The Barton H-250 can also be used with other traditional SPH transfer techniques like slide sheets or air-assisted devices.

2017 Pre-Owned TEK-RMD Power Chair

Technical Specifications


Black w/ Grey


Max Speed 3 MPH


Battery Capacity DC 24V (2x12V) 22Ah


Load Capacity 265 lbs


Max Grade of Climb 3%



WEIGHT (Empty):

242.5 lbs


24V, 5A


3.7 Miles

Recommended User Profile: 

  • Indications for Use – Present as paraplegic.
  • Hand and arm strength required for self-mounting; joystick control for driving.
  • Other conditions as prescribed by physician.
  • Height – 4′ 8″ to 6′ 3″
  • Weight – 88 to 265 lbs

Other Features

  1. Boarding from the Back: The user boards the device securely from its back.
  2. Independent Living: The suspension system containing gas spring balances the weight of the user so that standing up and sitting down require just a gentle pull/push.
  3. Standing Up and Health: Encourages the user to do daily activities standing up.
  4. Hands Free: Holds the user in an upright position while leaving his hands free.
  5. Eye Level: The user can enjoy being at eye level with other people in his/her daily life.
  6. Dimensions: World’s smallest motorized standing movement device.
  7. Balance: Correct standing position and balance are preserved by the device.
  8. Remote Control: The user can send the device away with the remote control.

Indoor Use: No need to renovate the indoor environments. Fits perfectly with existing furniture. Wonderful maneuverability in narrow places

Intuitive Interface

Color-coded, minimal design for quick and easy use.

Remote Control

  • Use the remote to bring the TEK to you when you need it and drive it away & park it when you’re not using it.
  • Unobstructed Remote Range – Greater than 200 feet

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