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Power Chairs 

Whether it’s due to age or injury, limited mobility lowers your quality of life. But you don’t need to accept immobility as your new normal. An electric wheelchair is just the solution you need so you can reclaim your freedom of movement. Coastal Mobility Equipment offers you the mobility solutions you desire so you can get out there and live your fullest life. Call to speak to one of the team’s mobility experts or stop into their store location in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Why choose a powered wheelchair?
There are situations when you need mobility help, but can’t use a manual wheelchair. There are many reasons why a manual wheelchair might not be the right choice for you. It could be due to lack of upper body strength, numerous musculoskeletal disorders, spinal cord injury, or possibly from a condition that leaves you out of breath like COPD.

In situations like these, a powerchair is the perfect solution. It offers the same mobility freedom as a regular wheelchair without the exertion and muscle stress that goes along with moving the wheels on your own.

There are a variety of powered wheelchair options, and many add-on and accessories if you so choose. No matter your needs, you can find the perfect powered chair to meet your lifestyle.

How does an electric wheelchair work?
Powered wheelchairs are equipped with four wheels and sometimes more. They feature a powerful motor, strong enough to transport riders of all sizes and body shapes. Electric wheelchairs are easy to steer, utilizing a simple joystick system. Just point the stick in the direction you want to travel!
Do electric wheelchairs work both indoors and outdoors?
Absolutely! Electric wheelchairs offer a tight turning radius so you’ll be able to maneuver in even the most narrow of corridors. Power wheelchairs are ideal for being outside as well. Each model is different so talk to a friendly team member at Coastal Mobility Equipment about your needs and the staff will be able to direct you to a model that will best fit your needs.

The right powered wheelchair can change your life. The ability to move and travel wherever you want without the help of others is paramount to your freedom. You don’t have to continue living with limited mobility. Call Coastal Mobility Equipment to talk to a friendly team member or stop by the store to check out the variety of electric wheelchairs for yourself. You can also contact the team online via the website.