Coastal Mobility Equipment


Helio A6

The Helio A6 has the second lightest starting frame weight for an aluminum folding frame wheelchair at just 13.1 lbs. The only aluminum chair lighter than the Helio A6 is the Helio A7. The light weight does not mean anything is forfeited on this chair. The Helio A6 has great adjustability for those purchasing their first wheelchair, wanting to find a more comfortable set-up than with their current chair, or those who simply have a body type that requires dimensions that are out of the norm. The A6 has an adjustable seat in increments of 1/2 inch for a good fit.

  • Rigid Unibody Frame
  • Anti-flutter caster
  • Symmetrical Cross Brace
  • Hybrid Frame Design
  • Seat to Floor range from 12” to 20.5”