Coastal Mobility Equipment


Hoyer Elevate by Joerns

The Elevate is a high-performance active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is both sturdy and compact with a maximum safe working load of 440 lb / 200 kgs. An optional digital scale allows the caregiver to precisely weigh a patient during the transfer process, saving time and avoiding unnecessary patient disruption.

  • Safe Working Load 440 lbs
  • Maximum Height to Attachment Point 64.7 in
  • Legs Open Inside Dimension 34.3 in
  • Legs Closed Outside Dimension 24.8 in
  • Overall Height of Legs 4.7 in
  • Two (2) Batteries and Offboard Charger
  • Powered Base
  • Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts


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