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What Is a Home Safety Assessment?

A home safety assessment is an important way to identify potential hazards in your home.  Coastal Mobility will evaluate your home for these hazards and develop a detailed report with recommendations to help navigate your environment more securely.  

Home Safety Assessments are an important preventative measure to help prevent falls and injury.  We will assess pathways, rugs, wires, stairs, lighting, bathrooms and communications throughout the home.  Our thorough Home Assessment Checklist covers it all. 

Our Home Safety Assessments are $150 and covers room to room Evaluations for appropriate options and accessible home living.

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An Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) is a very important member of your mobility team. Along with a physician, an occupational therapist or a physical therapist, they help analyze your unique needs, assist in the selection of the appropriate equipment and train on how to properly use the specific equipment.

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