Over 31 million Americans suffer from arthritis, often leading to trouble standing and other joint problems. Even if you don’t have arthritis there are plenty of other reasons why it can be tough getting up. Are you one of these people struggling to stand after a prolonged period of being seated? Do you avoid spending time with your family or loved ones in the living room because you are embarrassed to ask for help standing back up? If this sounds like you, investing in a seat lift chair can help maintain your independence for years to come. This article examines why investing in a seat lift chairs is the perfect solution for your freedom of movement.

What Is A Seat Lift Chair?

A seat lift chair looks just like a standard reclining chair but is fitted with a mechanism that allows it to push and lift forward essentially moving you into a standing position with a simple push of a button.

The chair moves to an upright position by the use of a tiny motor. It’s virtually silent when in use, and nobody will even know you have a seat lift chair until they see it in use. Some seat lift chairs even have multiple positions offering you additional comfort. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to match the aesthetic of the rest of your room and home decor.

Some additional features in your seat lift chair may include:

  • Cloth, leather, or vinyl upholstery
  • Heated seat area
  • Massage

Seat lift chairs are available in a number of sizes and widths so they can accommodate any body type and size.

Who Are Seat Lift Chairs Designed For?

Anyone who has trouble standing from a seated position should consider investing in a seat lift chair. If you are struggling with arthritis, osteoporosis, or any other musculoskeletal condition, you know how difficult stiff joints or sore muscles can make standing after a prolonged period of sitting.

You don’t have to be a senior or suffering from a chronic condition to be a great candidate for a seat lift chair. Many people use them while recovering from an injury or surgery. A seat lift chair assists you in a standing position offering you more independence and peace of mind.

What Questions Should I ask When Investing In A Seated Lift Chair?

You wouldn’t buy a car or a new computer or phone without asking a lot of questions, right? Why should investing in a seated lift chair be any different? Before investing your hard-earned money, have a list of questions ready. Some questions you want to think about include:

  • Which upholstery is right for my lifestyle?
  • Which model is best for a house with pets?
  • Is this model correct for my body size?
  • I currently have a chair that I love. Do you have anything like it?
  • Can this model fit in a particular room?

There is never a bad question or too many questions. Keep asking until you are satisfied with the seat lift chair model best for your lifestyle.

Where Can I Get A Seated Lift Chair?

For the best seated lift chairs available, call and talk to the friendly staff at Coastal Mobility Equipment located in Ocean City, Maryland. The team has years of experience in selecting the best and latest in seated chairs. They specialize in helping you choose the model that best meets your specific mobility issues. The team is RESNA certified as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP). Looking for something unique? The Coastal Mobility team prides themselves on matching the right equipment for an individuals specific needs.

For all of your seat lift chair needs, reach out to the qualified team at Coastal Mobility Equipment. For years they have been serving the Baltimore metro region and the eastern coastal area of Maryland for all mobility solutions. Trust a team that takes your mobility to heart. They treat you and your condition with compassion and know that each person is unique. Don’t accept less than the best — call us to talk to a friendly team member. You can also contact the team online.