What to consider when choosing a shower chair


You realize you need some help with your balance in the shower, but retrofitting your entire bathroom is just too expensive. If this sounds like your situation, consider an affordable and light-weight shower chair. The team at Coastal Mobility Equipment has the best selection of shower chairs in the Northern Virginia and coastal Maryland areas. Read on to learn a bit more about shower chairs then stop by one of their showrooms to speak to a dedicated team member for personalized service.

Why do I Need a Shower Chair?

There are several reasons why someone might need a shower chair, but it most often comes down to balance issues. The shower area is one of the most dangerous places in a home. And it’s easy to see why. The floor is damp leading to common slip-and-fall injuries as almost 2 million people each year are involved in a bathroom injury each year.

The natural aging process can also be a reason for a shower chair. As you age, your leg muscles lose strength to the point where you might not be able to stand for the amount of time to carry out the showering process. Furthermore, aging can leave bones brittle and at risk of breaking even after a minor fall.

Shower chairs help individuals maintain their independence, and if you are a caregiver it makes the shower routine a bit easier for everyone involved. Best of all, shower chairs are relatively inexpensive, even for the higher-end models.

Think About Weight

Whether the shower chair is for you or someone you take care of, one of the most important factors to think about is weight. If you’re of average weight, all styles of shower chairs will probably work for you. But if you or the one you care for is a bit overweight, you most likely will want to invest in a bariatric style shower chair for added support. There are even shower chairs that can support up to 400 pounds.

Metal or Plastic?

Much of this decision depends on your aesthetic preferences. Does your bathroom feature several metal fixtures? If so, the aluminum used to create metal shower chairs will match nicely with the rest of your bathroom. But if your bathroom is decorated with lots of soft colors and features, plastic might be your best match.

If cost is a factor in your decision, keep in mind that plastic tends to be significantly cheaper than metal shower chairs.

Both metal and plastic can support all weights and body types, so you don’t have to worry about your body size when choosing between metal and plastic shower chairs.

Think About Your Shower’s Size

Size of your shower will help determine the type of shower chair for you

The size of your shower will help determine the type of shower chair that will work best for you. If you have a regular size or expansive showering area, the standard size chair will be just fine for your situation.

But if your shower area is particularly small or narrow, you might want to opt for a compact shower seat. These models fold up when you are finished to allow you to utilize your bathroom space more efficiently.

Permanent or Portable

Do you have a condition where you will need a shower seat long term, or are you merely recovering from an injury and will only need it for a short period? These decisions factor in when determining if you want a permanent or portable shower chair.

Permanent models directly affix to your shower area, whereas portable models often have wheels or suction cups to anchor to your shower room floor.


Shower chairs are made to meet your unique needs. From basic economy versions to options higher-end models, you’ll be able to find the chair that is perfect for you. Some options include:

  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Movable backrests
  • Rubber, non-slip feet
  • Suction cups for added safety

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Shower Chairs?

It depends on your individual insurance provider. Some providers pay for the entire chair, others pay for part of the costs, and still, some providers won’t pay for a shower chair at all. If you are hoping to have your insurance cover part of the costs, call them before you make the purchase.

But the good news is, even if your insurance won’t cover the cost of your shower chair, they are still quite affordable. Remember, your safety shouldn’t have a price tag. If you are at risk of falling in the shower, there is an affordable option for you that won’t break the bank.