perfect mobility assistance devices


Do you use mobility assistance devices? Or have a friend or relative that does? If so, maybe you are looking to find the perfect mobility device for 2020. The following article details some top mobility devices and accessories for this year.

If you have a friend or relative that uses mobility devices, this list can double as a guide to gifts for your loved one.

The following are excellent options for yourself or for a friend or family member.


reacher is an essential device for anyone who uses a wheelchair or a walker. These products add up to three feet of length to help the user grab objects from high countertops or cupboards. They improve safety as well. With a reacher, those using mobility equipment don’t have to lean and strain, limiting the risk of falls.

Walker or Wheelchair Bag

stylish bag that attaches to a wheelchair or a walker not only looks good but makes it easier for the user to store what they need. Unlike a tote bag or purse, which easily slips off, bags designed specifically for a wheelchair or walker attach securely.

Lights and Reflectors

Unfortunately, each year many people who rely on wheelchairs and walkers get injured by drivers that don’t see them on dimly lit streets. This is why lights and reflectors specifically made for mobility equipment are extremely important.

These lights and reflectors attach at various spots on mobility equipment for easy access and to light up the night while traveling in the dark.

Hands-free Voice Assistants

Though these gadgets don’t directly attach to mobility equipment, they are great technological tools for those who struggle with mobility issues. The ease of using your voice to turn on the lights or to turn up the furnace makes life with a wheelchair or a walker that much easier.

Camera Mounts

Everyone likes shooting pictures and videos to share on social media or other sites. Why not make it easier for someone who relies on mobility equipment? These mounts clip directly to a wheelchair or walker and can hold video equipment or simply your smartphone. A camera mount makes hands free camera use fun and a breeze.

Lap Tray and Kitchen Devices

If have a family member who uses a wheelchair, you understand how difficult it can be for your loved one to find a place to put down their belongings. For example, at your home, your kitchen might be retrofitted to meet the height of a wheelchair. Many people are missing fantastic options to make navigating, meal prepping, and cooking much easier and more accessible.

When you go to a friend’s house for a social gathering, it can be a struggle because tables and countertops are often too high. This can make things quite difficult because there is nowhere in reach for you or your family member to set down their food and drinks.

Because of this, a wheelchair lap tray makes a good improvement in independence. It makes a great place to set down a beverage, provides an excellent workspace or game table, and adds the ability to prep food for social events.

Riding Gloves

The same type of gloves that professional bike riders use work fine. Not only do seasonal changes make it a challenge on the hands of those who use self-propelling wheelchairs, but road grime cover the wheels as well. High-quality riding gloves give the user the gripping power needed to self-propel, along with keeping their hands warm.

Power Chair

power chair can improve your quality of life

It’s a splurge, but a new power chair can make a massive improvement in your quality of life. If you or a friend or family member loves to travel and get out and about in the great outdoors, a correctly fitted and appropriate power chair can make adventures possible.

For those who enjoy hiking trails and other outdoor activities, they know how difficult it can be using a manual wheelchair to traverse rough terrain. A power chair is perfect for days and nights trailblazing and camping.

This is an exciting time for people who use mobility devices. Technology is the best it’s ever been and is improving faster than ever.  Let the team at Coastal Mobility Equipment help you find life improving devices for you, for a friend, or a loved one who relies on mobility equipment. For years Coastal Mobility Equipment has been finding and stocking the best in mobility equipment and accessories for residents in Northern Virginia and Coastal Maryland. Stop by one of their showrooms and speak to one of their knowledgeable employees. The team can help you find the perfect mobility device.