You’ve run into some mobility issues, but you’d really like to stay in your own home. You’ve lived here for years and it’s the place that makes you feel the most comfortable, but you’re worried that the stairs both inside and out will make it impossible.

This is a scenario that happens quite frequently. Mobility issues can arise due to simple aging, an accident, or a muscular or neurological disorder. Stairlifts are excellent options if you want to stay in your home yet have to navigate difficult stairs. Below are some of the benefits stairlifts can provide.

Stairlifts Prevent Accidents

Stairs are some of the most injury-prone areas of your home, especially if you’re suffering from mobility issues. In fact, over 1 million people each year are treated for injuries from falls on the stairs, the majority of them the elderly or people with mobility issues. Installing a stairlift will limit accidents and keep you out of harm’s way.

Provides Independence

You don’t want to feel like a burden to your family or friends, but you just can’t get up and down the stairs without assistance. A stairlift, both inside your home and for your front steps, allows you to maintain your independence without having to rely on others.

Sure, you can hire a full-time caregiver, but that will be expensive. The money you would pay for a caregiver will pay for your stairlift many times over.

They work on all types of stairs

There are so many different types of stairs. Some are straight, others are curved, and some are extremely narrow. Outside cement steps are different than what you have inside your home. The best aspect of stairlifts is that they can be installed on all types of steps. Stairlifts can be installed on whatever side of the staircase you choose.

Easier and cheaper than an elevator

Most times, stairlifts can be installed in one day. The professional installers have worked with all sorts of staircases and have the skills to install a stairlift in any space while keeping its footprint as limited as possible. The installers might need to cut back some of your carpets, but overall the installation will be minimally invasive to your home’s structures.

You get to stay in your home

Over the years you worked hard to turn your house into a home. Understandably, you don’t want to leave it. Stairlifts offer you the independence to navigate stairs both inside and out, keeping you in your home for years to come.